FCFC's mission is to help children and families by creating positive solutions to challenges within the child welfare system.


Our vision is that all children have a safe, stable, and loving family that has access to the support systems which allow them to thrive within their community.


We aim to inspire new and different ways of thinking and working with the child welfare system. While we approach the system holistically, one child at a time is a necessary mantra: it helps us focus on individuals while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

The Issue


The Child Welfare system is complex. Turnover is at an all-time high. The number of children entering the foster care system is increasing. Services are becoming less individualized. 

Foster Care & Adoption
Adoption 26.74%

There were nearly 437,465 children in foster care in 2016 in which there where more than 117,000 youth in care awaiting adoption in the United States.

Frontline Workers
Turnover 40%

The average turnover rate was 40% for front-line workers in New York City foster care in 2017.


The average length of stay for a child in foster care in NY is 32 months, with a national average of 21.9 months.

LGBTQ+ Based Violence
LGBTQ+ Youth 78%

LGBTQ+ youth represent about 10%-24% of all youth in foster care while 78% of LGBTQ youth in out-of-home reported violence based on their LGBTQ+ identity.


More than 30,000 youth in foster care age out or run away each year, often leaving without connections to family or caring adults.

Our Solution


Fostering Change For Children is dedicated to improving the lives of children, families, and the individuals that support them through a wide range of innovative programs and professional trainings focused on fostering meaningful connections and finding positive and permanent solutions for youth in foster care.

We believe that our collective energy and focus will drive change. Every member of our team can have an impact, first by understanding the complex issues facing foster children and the system that serves them, and then by embracing creative approaches to these challenges. We know, without a doubt, that each of us has the power to change change the world– one child at a time.

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