Training & Consulting

We understand working in child welfare can be challenging and requires well-trained and prepared professionals. In order to work effectively with children, youth and families, these professionals require extensive knowledge of family dynamics and the various forms of intersectional systems affecting their everyday lives. In addition, the child welfare workforce requires specific skills and competencies necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of children and families. In order to adequately engage and service this vulnerable population, child welfare workers need opportunities to receive ongoing professional development.


Fostering Change for Children offers a specialized training and consultation program for the child welfare workforce. Our program is utilized by over 25 NYC agencies and organizations and several others nationally. All trainings offered by FCFC are geared towards empowering child welfare professionals who interface with children and families to see themselves as powerful change agents on behalf of the people they work with. 

Our trainings have reached thousands of:
-Frontline workers
-Agency administrators
– And other professionals working in child welfare.

FCFC employs a distinctive brand of trainings utilizing experiential learning, coaching and varied techniques to reach all audiences. FCFC promotes a positive and fun learning environment in which participants are encouraged to ask questions, comment and discuss reactions, thoughts, and feelings related to the work. Our trainings utilize research and direct feedback from the frontline to inform best practice.


Our trainings and consultations can be arranged to meet the needs of any agency or organization regardless of size, experience, age group or skill level. We offer trainings for new employees to prepare them for the work, as well as seasoned professionals to further develop their skills and become better informed practitioners. 

  • Critical Decision Making When Planning Adoption
  • Targeted Recruitment and Family Finding
  • Case Planners and Foster Parents Working Together: Preventing Adoption Disruptions
  • A Family for Every Child: How to Find the Right Fit
  • Overview of Permanency Planning
  • Family Engagement Strategies
  • Meaningful Family Visiting
  • Working with Incarcerated Parents
  • How to Build and Expand Family Networks
  • Expediting Permanency: Implementing Child-Specific Recruitment Models
  • Adoption and Other Options for Youth: Beyond APPLA
  • Engaging Youth In Permanency Planning
  • Understanding and Utilizing KinGAP and Surrenders to Expedite Permanency
  • Supervisory Training: Enhancing Worker Satisfaction, Performance and Retention
    • Strategies for Improving Worker Performance
    • Motivating Workers and Developing Leaders in Your Unit
    • Developing Community in Your Unit
    • Managing a Workforce in Times of Change: Adapting to Policy Changes and New Mandates
  • Change Management: Building Capacity of Child Welfare Agencies
  • Understanding Children and Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma
  • Understanding Separation and Loss for Foster Care Youth
  • Talking to Kids About Tough Stuff: How to Have Difficult Conversations
  • Straight Talk with Kids: How to Speak the Truth about Difficult Issues
  • Foster Parents and Case Planners Working Together: Preventing Placement Disruptions
  • Safety in the Workplace and De-Escalation
  • Preventing Burnout: Trauma and Secondary Trauma